For men on a quest for elegance and distinction, HEROES has created a line of premium jackets that are truly unique, as the models are customised and marketed as limited editions. The originality of its garments makes it, and you, stand out from the crowd and the attention to detail bears the hallmark of uncompromising quality.

HEROES has come up with several models, tailored by the best workshops, that give another take on commonplace textile materials (such as lace, beads, etc.) and that incorporate elements you don’t usually see on garments or that are hijacked from their original use (such as safety pins, snap buttons, etc.).

While the cuts have a decidedly masculine feel, HEROES also sets out to appeal to women, especially those who regularly make a detour to the menswear departments to set off their look with an exceptional piece. Some sizes and some models are earmarked for them with a view to the perfect mix and match.